Choosing the right international exhibition partner

Walt Disney said it best when he stated "it's a small, small world" and with modern technology today and world seems smaller and more accessible each day. That being said, finding the best international exhibition partner is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Let's face it ... international exhibitions are a great way to expose your brand to new avenues for your business and your stand and its design represents the face of your company.

So how do you find the right exhibition company for you? It is important to understand the distinction between what could be referred to as a "broker" (who organises your design etc but outsources production) and an exhibition stand contractor who provides a full range of in house services to assist you with your goals from start to finish.

Always pick a local exhibition partner who can undertake the entire project management for you. Logistically this is a smarter plan. They should encompass everything from designing the stand, manufacturing, graphics and logo production, installation, dismantling & transportation. Being able to store your stand (if necessary) is an additional bonus. It also means that you can cut out any lag time of having intermediaries communicating on your behalf as exhibiting internationally requires far more planning & time management. Time zone disparities can certainly impact on successful planning. Choose a partner that will make themselves available to you.

A clever way to choose an exhibition stand builder is by having a look at the clients that they have previously built for. Look at their website, view their testimonials. A great company will not shy away from displaying their work and their testimonials will be current. They should display a diverse portfolio indicating their depth and range of design knowledge. Clients coming back for repeat business is a good barometer of successful dealings and reliability.

Familiarity with the local venues is imperative. Vast experience in dealing with the various local venues ensures that all of the concerns with exhibiting can be resolved prior to their even being a problem as they will know the "ins and outs" of the various venues.

Plan, plan, plan. If possible, arrive a couple of days early to view your stand fully test built on their company floor and prior to it being delivered to the venue. You may be surprised to note that not all suppliers have the capacity to do this. It is a great advantage for you as an international exhibitor. You can come early, see your stand in its entirety, make an necessary adjustments, then relax and enjoy your Australian stay secure in the knowledge that everything is on track. ALWAYS qualify that the supplier you are contemplating is capable of doing this for you.

Use these helpful hints to pick your best partner for an international show to be assured of a memorable and successful event.

About DisplayWise : DisplayWise is an established player in the exhibition stand industry with a strong presence in Australia in creating experiences through innovative displays.

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