Why storytelling is essential for your brand

With the wonders of modern technology there are stories everywhere and these are distributed by a number of tools in a never-ending, rapidly consumable world that we live in.

So what is the best way to cut through the noise and make your product or business more prominent? A theme or a "story" is the most effective way of promoting your brand.

Storytelling is not a new concept but it is an undervalued and under-utilised commodity. It is not bragging or boasting - just a clearly stated value or belief in what is important and sounding authentic whilst doing so. Can you think of a company that, regardless of demographics, engages your senses? Nike is one that immediately pops into my head.

"Just Do It" is the trademark and one of the core components of the Nike brand. This universal tag line has been one of the most influential and immensely popular since its launch in 1988 and has, in fact, stood the test of time. Why? Because by association with this belief "Just Do It", an important story is told about Nike without sounding like a pitch. We trust it and intrinsically connect with it. These "stories" pull us in, start an emotional connection to the brand and creates resonance that starts gaining trust. Gaining trust is everything when it comes to influencing and creating brand awareness.

So how do you raise your brand awareness. Here are my 3 best steps ...

Start with your story. Think of your brand as the main character with a reason for being that is more than just financial accrual or bragging of accomplishments.

Keep your story simple - just make it sincere and honest.

Find the "human" element of your story or what your values say about your brand. Know that we are humans first and foremost and clients and consumers second. Since childhood we have gravitated towards stories, narratives, experiences and ideas and continue to do so all our lives.

Convey your message in a concise and direct manner and you will be on your way to raising brand awareness through storytelling.

Love That Brand