5 Minutes with Ralph


Ralph Prince, Design Manager at DisplayWise

Ralph has been a part of the DisplayWise team for over 4 years as a Senior Industrial Designer and as of 2015 has taken over the Design Manager role. With a solid background in exhibition design, Ralph continues to create displays that are eye catching yet functional.

Coffee or Tea?
Definitely a coffee drinker, strong long black is my first choice.

Early mornings or late nights?
Early mornings. Starting the day fresh means I always have a more productive day.

Favourite pastime?
Spending Saturday afternoons playing Hockey.

Favourite food?
About to holiday in Spain and cannot wait to try all the local tapas bars!

What Superhero would you like to be?
Iron Man.

What's the best thing about working at DisplayWise?
DW has a great team culture that is energetic and enjoyable to be a part of. I enjoy the wide variety of projects I get to work on and use my creative license in designing displays that are outside the box. Lastly, thanks to the full in-house production team I am able to see my designs come to life. That is always very rewarding.

What's your favourite thing about working in Industrial Design?
The constant demand to push the boundaries is both challenging and exciting. I also enjoy finding the perfect balance of form vs function to create attractive yet fully functional displays.

What's been your favourite project at DisplayWise?
The Putt Putt course we created for VW was a unique concept that I enjoyed designing.

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