10 Tips for a Successful Exhibition

  1. Give yourself enough time - PLANNING AND PREPARATION is key to having a successful exhibition. Planning can take anywhere from 6 to 18 months for major events. Contact DisplaWise once you know your exhibiting to give ample time to create an amazing display!

  2. Set measurable GOALS for the show! You want to know that it was a success so you can track what you did right for next time.

  3. Getting the right kind of traffic to your stand is important and starts before the trade show even opens. Use PRE-SHOW MARKETING ACTIVITIES such as email blasts or campaigns to drive relevant people to attend.

  4. Work on your ELEVATOR PITCH, this is your time to shine. Use this opportunity to tell your story - concisely. As a minimum, you will have about 30-60 seconds to get your point across for the what,why and how of your products and services. Make it count!

  5. Create the right first impression. Remember that your brand is always on display, everyone will be looking at you, so LOOK GOOD! A great stand design and appropriate clothing are essential to standing out from the crowd. Be memorable, but also smart and relevant.

  6. Having something INTERACTIVE such as games or competitions, even iPads or tablets, captivates people and draws them onto your stand. 

  7. SMILE! It lets people know you are approachable and want to be spoken to and want to talk to them. A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.

  8. Remember the 80/20 rule. LISTEN 80% TALK 20%. Those who listen are the most successful

  9. Always have plenty of BUSINESS CARDS on hand and don't be afraid to hand them out. Also remember to swap yours for theirs when at trade shows to build valuable connections.

  10. Respond as quickly as you can to all requests, and set appointments right at the show. FOLLOW UP on all leads at the earliest chance you get!

Now that you're ready.
Pop a mint, take a sip of water and network!